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Why are Moms so hard on each other?

We've all done it. We've seen the Mom in the grocery store obviously having a tough day, wrangling kids that will do anything but cooperate and trying to hurry up and get the heck outta there so she can go be flustered and frustrated without the crowd of eyes watching her every hasty move. We've […]

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Conversation while getting Colt dressed for school this morning — Colt: [Out of nowhere.] He's broke.Mama: What?Colt: BROKE, Mama.Mama: Who's broke?Colt: Lightning.Mama: Ahh. Well, who will fix him? [Expected Answer: "Doc", character in the movie responsible for, you know, fixing things. Would also have accepted "Mater".]Colt: Bob the Builder. Well, naturally.

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Play, or play not. There is no work.

We do not stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing. — Anonymous

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1000 Good Reasons

I don't really run. We've covered this. Remember? But! I recently committed myself to running anyway. Because I'm that kind of crazy. And because I have this curious urge to do and try things — that I've never done or tried. That's right, this running nonsense is on my Life List. It's official. Right there […]

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Free Speech – Like It or Not

This week on my local news, I saw coverage of a local ad campaign sponsored by the Northwest Arkansas Coalition of Reason (NWACoR). They have placed a billboard that is causing QUITE a stir. The billboard reads: Are you good without God? Millions are. Understandably, the issue is intensely polarizing and has inspired everything from […]

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