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Decisions, decisions.

The way I feel about peanut butter and Nutella is what I imagine it must feel like to have two children. I try very hard to love them equally, but each has its own unique personality and admirable qualities. Peanut butter is the older child – displaying qualities of responsibility and natural leadership. Trusty ole PB […]

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Birthday weekend – (almost entirely) via iPhone

                Aaaaaaaaaand – I'm 28.

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No day but today.

Only a few things are really important. – Marie Dressler A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life. – Charles Darwin Family is the most important thing in the world. – Princess Diana Look, I don?t want to wax philosophic, but I will say that if […]

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I don’t run.

I once had to run the mile at school with a patch over one eye. And I've never been the same. Every year in elementary school all the kids in my school had to run The Mile. Part of some sort of public school physical fitness mumbo jumbo I'm sure every school has to do. […]

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The best thing about pumpkins is the dirt.

We had so much fun at the pumpkin patch last year that we decided to give it another go this fall.  And evidently it's cheap and/or easy to operate a pumpkin patch/hayride/corn maze because they are EVERYWHERE. Everyone I talked to had gone to a different one, but they all seemed to have had a good time so […]

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