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Taking It to the Next Level

If you missed the "bubbles" video last week, go ahead and CLICK HERE to catch up with the rest of us. No, it's ok, go ahead. We'll wait. I know. He's adorable. But this week he kicked it up a notch. After the bubbles post last week, my sweet friend Teresa brought Colt some more serious […]

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131 Days Until Kick-off

It rained this weekend. Hard. But we were faithful and optimistic little Razorback fans and made an attempt at Razorfest 2010. (For the non-Fayetteville crowd out there: Razorfest is a fancy term for the tailgating-on-crack that goes on all day before the annual Red-White game.) Incidentally, NWA's Race for the Cure event was also this […]

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In Which I Gratuitously Babble On About TV

We are arguably fickle with our TV series loyalty here in the Hood household. DVR (and adding a munchkin to our family) has changed our habits slightly, but we still have a pretty standard weekly TV routine. We have been fiercely loyal to a handful of shows over the years: The West Wing, The King […]

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Colt teaches me how to "blow bubbles". Trick Trivia question: How many bubbles appear in this video?  

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The Double Deuce Smorgasbord

Or, Toddler Potpourri. Or, The Boy is 22 months old! Or, Guess What I Found This Weekend? And Realized I Never Posted! It's true. This weekend, while waiting (FOREVER) for my iPhone software to update during precious, precious naptime, I was browsing through some recent photos and realized there were some random ones that have yet […]

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