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It’s As If They’ve Met Him

I still get my weekly "My Toddler This Week" emails – and every week it's a little more shocking just how accurate they are. Here are snippets of the last three I've received: It's eerie. And "spirited" and "undesirable behavior" are such, umm, polite ways to put it. Other key words are "independence", "endless enjoyment", […]

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You better get yourself a haircut or a dog tag!

I've been psyching myself up for weeks. Every morning when I combed his shagginess I would think to myself - Seriously, he needs a haircut. Food gets stuck in it, it bothers his neck, and God forbid people think he's a girl. I would even periodically say it aloud – for emphasis. I am certain Jeff […]

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And he survived and everything

It shouldn't really come as any big shock that Colt had a perfectly reasonable and normal and fairly uneventful first day at his new daycare. Fun, even. And it should come as even less of a shock that I was still a wreck most of the day. I know. Kids go to daycare all the […]

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Today’s the Day

Those of you who have been following along know that we've gone back and forth several times about daycare. We were leaving Ms. Barbara's. Then we weren't. Still on the waiting list, but moving to an in-between place. Then we were staying at Ms. Barbara's again. The reasons for all the mind-changing are not that […]

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Hi There


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