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Where The Sidewalk Ends.

How often do you do things that make you uncomfortable? Things that break your Normal, your Everyday? How often do you think, “this is Crazy!” – but you do it anyway? I obviously don’t do it enough. And I’m going to stop sitting back, making excuses for it.

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You Run Deep In Me

Arkansas. You are on the map. President of the United States? Yep. American Idol? Woo hoo! Woulda been nice to get a Heisman Trophy winner… but you can’t win ’em all, right?

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Vacation! Pictures!

I am always shocked at how exhausted I am when I get back from a week of relaxation… I am back to work today after having a week off (which was WONDERFUL) and find myself checking the schedule of holidays to be certain it's this coming Monday that we are off again, right? Thank goodness. 

Down to business. I took an obscene number of pictures this week, and, in the interest of efficiency, I've dropped all the good ones into a new album over there — "Vacation – May 2009" (and I will likely not get around to giving all of them captions and titles by the time this posts – so bear with me), and I've posted my favorites below. FAIR WARNING! There are more than a few…

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Oh, The Things You’ll Learn To Do With One Arm

Or, the working title of the parenting* book I will never write. Other alternatives include:  Top 10 Things You Would Dream About If You Were Allowed To Sleep Where Did THAT Bump Come From? Please Don't Eat Mud     Any other suggestions? *And by "parenting" I mean Seinfeld-esque Observations of Child-rearing. Not actual Parenting.

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And It’s Only 8:30

Wake up at 5:05 to baby sounds. Regret putting Colt to bed exceptionally early last night. – Check.  Feed my baby bird. – Check. Put Colt back in bed for a snooze. Stumble back to bed for another hour of sleep. – Check. Wake up at 6:15, curse the alarm, and decide that another 5 […]

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