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And If You Wanna Hear God Laugh, Tell Him Your Plans

I am sitting here completely and utterly drained. Mentally. I don't even know where to start, I'm just so blah. I have spent every spare moment of the last month thinking about a business opportunity for myself and two friends. We had so much energy and excitement for this idea, and we were painfully close to […]

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Happy Wednesday!

Just a quick note to say hello. And that I've posted new pictures. A new ALBUM, even. Over there on the right — Nine/Ten Month Photos. Also. A few friends of mine are new to the blogging world and I want to give them a nod. I'll eventually update my "My Favorite Blogs" list — […]

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You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do

We've all but stopped watching commercials at our house. We DVR everything and watch our shows when Colt is either asleep or otherwise distracted. We fast forward through all of the movie trailers and GEICO gems, and we efficiently watch our 30-minute shows in 20 minutes or less. But somehow one commercial fell through the cracks. I was in […]

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You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile

I caught myself saying something very "Mom" today. There was an event at my office after work today and I took Colt up there to say hello. I sat and visited with my friends Brianne and Lauren, and Lauren's little boy Lawson, and I was telling Lauren about some super cute new little boys' clothes I saw […]

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Catching Up

There is a rumor circulating that Colt is walking. And that is not entirely accurate. He HAS taken several steps this week – but never more than about one and a half in a row – and tonight was noticeably braver, taking 2 and 3 tiny steps between the coffee table and the couch. Progress! […]

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