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Happy Friday.

It’s been a slow news week. Here’s a sampling of NW Arkansas grammar for your entertainment –    Sign welcoming patrons into Tony C’s (formerly Fuzzy’s) on Garland in Fayetteville.                      This one is perhaps the saddest. This was hanging in the window of the hair salon at […]

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I have a 4 year old at my desk…

…that does not belong to me. A coworker of mine talked tricked me into watching her little boy, John Michael, for 30 minutes this afternoon.  So I had a playdate. And we played tic-tac-toe… on a grid of approximately 20 squares… with Ds and “Balloons” instead of Xs and Os… When he was thirsty, he […]

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According to my books – and my weekly email update from – today is 28 weeks and officially the 3rd trimester! The weeks seem to be flying by – it’s crazy. Exciting, yes. But all the 3rd trimester really means is that I can’t tie my own shoes anymore…   Nah, I’m excited. In […]

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For those of you playing the “Guess the Baby’s Name” game…

Here are a few you can cross off your list– 10 Worst Baby Names of 2007 What were these parents thinking? The Nest Baby Editors People like to get creative when it comes to selecting the perfect name for their new arrivals. But in the quest to be unique, some kids get stuck with monikers […]

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Thursday March 13, 2008

I am losing my mind. Really. About a month ago – before we moved – I ordered a few things from They came in the mail, and 2 of the 3 shirts I ordered, didn’t fit. So after learning the lesson ‘maternity shirts that button up the middle don’t fit me correctly’ the hard […]

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