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If you’re in the market for a PB&J – you’re in luck!

I’m a little disappointed that my cleverness was unappreciated in my last post… So we were at Sam’s last night eating supper. From Sam’s Cafe you can see most of the store and I happened to glance over to several aisles on the far side of the store.    Nothing exciting, right? But one in […]

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Sarah, Sarah, bo-barah. Banana-fana fo-farah. Fee-fi-mo-marah. Sarah!

Lately, I have paid a lot more attention to people’s names. I think it’s fascinating just how much a name can predetermine your fate in life. For example, do you know any Supreme Court Justices named Britney or Joaquin? Do you know any pop stars named Wilbur? How about school teachers named Juice? Once it […]

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I want to have my chicken ? and eat it, too.

This morning I was quite hungry and we are out of both Poptarts AND Granola Bars at home – so I decided to stop through Chick-fil-A on my way to work. It’s strategically placed between home and my office – and really between anywhere and my office – so it is easily my most favorite […]

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Xmas 2007 079_edited

Happy Valentine?s Day.

Holidays are usually the times that make me thank myself for keeping a blog. I absolutely love looking back and reading what I was doing on this date a year ago ? or two years ago. I love the photos, I love the comments, and I love that I have this written (though public) record […]

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Overheard in the Post Office…

Innocent Postal Worker: Does your package contain any hazardous materials, flammable liquids, yada yada? Crazy Lady: No, (in a whisper loud enough to wake the dead) it’s just panties. Innocent Postal Worker: (Blank Stare.) Crazy Lady: They’re for my daughter. And my son-in-law. They’re for Valentine’s Day. Innocent Postal Worker: (Blank Stare.) Crazy Lady: See, when my daughter […]

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