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Wednesday August 30, 2006

…and it has been one big thorn in my side.

I LOVE Sonic. And I was really, really excited when one opened literally on my way to work– I don’t have to get off the highway, nothing– I just turn into Sonic for my Diet Coke and go on to work. It’s not on a major street so it’s not busy, yadda yadda. 

Yesterday morning I was getting to work early to finish some things before a meeting and I stopped at Sonic at 7:30ish. They open at 6am– by the way. I order a large Diet Coke, a breakfast burrito (which are not quite as good as Frito Burritos, but close) and a Sonic Card (for my Secret Pal at work). The manager comes over the speaker to tell me he’s terribly sorry, but they are “getting a late start today” and the grill is not hot and they cannot make me a burrito. Ok. Fine. Diet Coke and a Sonic Card, please. He comes back to tell me that “the satellite is not functioning this morning” and I cannot have a Sonic Card. Ok. Diet Coke, then. (At this point, I am certain they are not going to charge me for the pop, but sure enough!) I have been around long enough to know that sometimes things just don’t line up correctly and things go wrong– I am very understanding, very nice, and I go to work.

So I’m very busy yesterday and don’t want to leave for lunch. My friend Allison is meeting her Mom for lunch and I get her to stop at Sonic on her way back and pick me up a Frito Burrito and a Diet Coke. I specify No Onions on the Burrito. [For those of you who may not know what a Frito Burrito is, you are SO missing out on the latest gift from God. It’s Fritos, chili and cheese wrapped up in a tortilla and it is heaven. I have been known to eat them for lunch and supper.] So it’s nearly 2:00 yesterday, Allison comes back with my Frito Burrito. I am so excited and hungry and I open it to re-wrap it and make sure none of the Frito goodness leaks out– and when I do I notice that there is (likely) an entire onion chopped up in there! I can’t eat this! Allison feels bad. She claims she told them no onions. I tell her my story from that morning and she tells me she went to the SAME Sonic to get my lunch! This won’t do. I take the burrito, leave work, and drive back to the Sonic (which is only about 2 minutes away from my office). I take the burrito and walk into Sonic– which I don’t even know if you’re allowed to do. I tell the manager, who remembers me from that morning, that I understand that things happen, but that I DO expect him to make it right. He gives me a fresh burrito, a vanilla coke for Allison and a card for a free combo.

I think he should have given me a month’s supply of Frito Burritos…

So THIS morning. I go BACK to the Sonic. I order a Diet Coke, a breakfast burrito and a Sonic Card (which I never got yesterday). The guy tells me that he doesn’t “know how to do Gift Cards” and that “the manager isn’t here right now”. Ok. Fine. Diet Coke and a Burrito. I have somehow chosen the one stall at Sonic that the card reader does not work… Grr… So I have to wait for him to go back in the store, run my card, bring it back to me– like I’m in the Dark Ages… So I eat my cold burrito and go to put the bag on the ledge so that I don’t have to litter my car, but wait! there is no ledge! There is no place to put your garbage so I now have a Sonic bag in my car as a reminder of my new nemesis.

And I’ll probably go back tomorrow…

2 Responses to Wednesday August 30, 2006

  1. CMartinw4 August 31, 2006 at 2:39 am #

    Isn’t life grand?  Aren’t you glad you stayed in school, so you don’t have to work at Sonic — merely “put up” with those that do!

  2. TommyM1080 September 4, 2006 at 9:09 pm #

    That’s why you should go to Subway from now on.  It’s WAY GOODER than Sonic.  Except for the Route 44 Cherry Limeade.  That’s good.

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