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Wednesday April 26, 2006

I felt like Laura on my way home from work yesterday– weird things kept happening. I was driving in Johnson, which is barely a two-lane road– no shoulder, no turn lane, some idiot pulls out in front of me and goes 15 mph. I honk at him, which perhaps I ought not have done, but […]

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Sunday April 23, 2006

Pictures of my last two weekends– Easter weekend we went to the races with 72,000 other people in Hot Springs. Below is the Arkansas Derby Winner — Lawyer Ron, who we picked to win! (Unfortunately, so did everyone else…) So, this weekend, I had to work Saturday but not till late, so we went to […]

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For the first time, a major consumer marketer has built a video game from the ground up around its advertising icon.

Friday April 14, 2006

Burger King’s ‘King’ to Star in Video Games Going for Gen X and Y’s Jugular With Shoot’em-Up Xbox Product By T.L. Stanley and Kate MacArthur Published: April 14, 2006 LOS ANGELES ( — The King is about to go Rambo. Burger King and Microsoft are partnering for a first-of-its-kind deal that will build three video […]

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Tuesday April 11, 2006

Apparently Laura had a fun birthday-eve. I would say memorable, but… I have refreshing news. I received a rebate in the mail yesterday. I had officially given up on ever receiving it since I sent for it in December! Good to know, right? I have been exercising lately, (yes that’s right, laugh it up) and […]

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Monday April 10, 2006

Fun Weekend! Friday was “Project Blue Sky” at Saatchi. For a few hours Friday afternoon, everyone from my office brought their families, kids, dogs and whatnot to the field between Saatchi and Lewis and Clark to fly kites, eat hotdogs and have fun. I went to get Ace (who Keith claims is now his dog…) […]

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