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Tuesday February 28, 2006

i can’t decide which commercial is my favorite. my top 3 are: (in no particular order) 1. the Disney World commercial with the two kids talking in bed about how excited they are about their trip and the mom comes in and tells them to go to sleep and the little boy says “we’re too […]

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Friday February 24, 2006

My tax refund showed up in my bank account this morning! I’m doing a happy dance. Though the entire thing goes to stupid sales tax for my car– so it’s a short-lived happy dance… I am officially the coolest person you know because I have the cutest new phone. And I bonded with the tanning […]

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Wednesday February 22, 2006

Fiesta Square Cingular just called me! There is a Pink Razr with MY name on it waiting for me!  I think I startled the girl on the phone with how excited I was to hear from her.

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Wednesday February 22, 2006

I should have let someone at work know that buying a 4 pound bucket of animal cookies and leaving them in the kitchen where I can reach them was a bad idea.

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Tuesday February 21, 2006

it’s been a big technology-week for me– well camera-wise anyway. i finally figured out how to download pictures from my camera to my computer. AND I’m sure I’m the last person to catch on to this, but you can send pictures from your computer to and get them at the store with 1-hour developing! […]

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