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Sunday December 25, 2005

pictures with my new camera that Santa brought me!  more later! MANY more. yah new camera!

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Friday December 23, 2005

so I was perusing the closet in the room I’m staying in at my Mom and Dad’s house and I found my prom dresses from high school. I was curious so I tried them on and they fit!, so I wore one of them for the rest of the day. It was fun. I felt […]

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Friday December 23, 2005

I had absolutely no problems getting here (San Antonio) today, which was nice.  Last year I had some minor setbacks with flights and whatnot so I was expecting a hectic day– but everything went well! Yah! and it’s SO warm here. I had to go get a pedicure when I got here so I can […]

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Tuesday December 13, 2005

laura has recently reminded me that i’ve been a xanga slacker again… the sad truth is that i’ve done nothing exciting or xanga-worthy lately. i’ve been working every day– literally– so there’s not much there– no good stories.  going to SA for christmas. oh. as of 14 december i’m a college graduate.

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Wednesday December 7, 2005

I saw this advertisement at the mall. Look carefully. Action? S? Really?

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