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Monday November 28, 2005

Unfortunately, I was unbelievably disappointed in this movie.  During the opening credits I was getting chills remembering people from high school I performed with and hearing voices of friends singing those words– I felt like applauding after the opening song.  It went downhill from there. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what I didn’t like about […]

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Friday November 25, 2005

well, i celebrated the killing of the indians in style yesterday.  didn’t get to see rent, but maybe next week.

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Tuesday November 22, 2005

this week has not started well. last night my car broke down. it is in the outback parking lot and will not start. since everyone has so much free time this week– i don’t really know when it will be rescued.  tonight, i waited on the customers from the deepest depths of restaurant hell. i […]

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Tuesday November 15, 2005

i just heard laura say “i have a new word. i made it up sitting on the toilet this morning.” that kind of honesty inspired me to write. moving yesterday went well. dad was afraid it would rain but NO RAIN. YAH! and no major incidents while moving. we seemed to have a bee problem […]

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Friday November 11, 2005

when did mcdonalds happy meal toys get so complicated? i went to mcdonalds last night on my way home from work for 2 reasons. 1. i was hungry. 2. i desperately wanted a chicken little toy.  it is super cute. it’s chicken little with a baseball bat and a helmet and you wind him up […]

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