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Thursday September 29, 2005

i seriously need a digital camera. i went to the drive-thru wilderness safari in gentry with andrew and devon yesterday. i hadn’t been since freshman year… devon and andrew are regulars… i took all the pictures on today’s post with my camera-phone. the llama pictures are for llaura we brought andrew’s weenie dog , toby, […]

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Tuesday September 27, 2005

i’m in the computer lab at school.  there’s a guy in front of me playing a game called “kitten cannon”. yep, it’s what you think it is.

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Friday September 23, 2005

So, i can post pictures again! here’s some pictures of my mom. the first one is of her and a friend of hers, and the one at the bottom is just her. don’t forget to visit her at i’ve been working a lot… tuesday was my 12th day in a row. had wednesday off […]

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Thursday September 22, 2005

Top O’ the Muffin to You!

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Tuesday September 20, 2005

apparently my ‘pictures’ function is not working properly today so i will post the new pictures i have of my mom and my parents’ house at a later date… till then

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