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Thursday July 28, 2005

Tonight is my last bike night ever! I’m getting more and more excited about my new job.  I’m also, surprisingly enough, getting more and more comfortable with the idea of graduating from college.  I have no real plans for myself post-December, but I’m much more willing to accept the idea that things will be ok.

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Tuesday July 26, 2005

mmmm movie popcorn.  i DO love movie popcorn. and i am not above buying whatever size necessary to get the free refill option.  and i am pretty good at deciding which 35 seconds i can afford to miss in the movie in order to get my popcorn bucket refilled. yep. i went to see charlie […]

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Monday July 25, 2005

Do horses have mammary glands?

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Friday July 22, 2005

In order to follow some good advice I received recently, I have decided to make some changes in hopes that my attitude and overall demeanor will improve.  I have quit my job at Cool Water and start at Outback Steakhouse on 1 August.  The reasons for that are varied, but most of all I feel […]

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Tuesday July 19, 2005

 Alvy Singer: “Sun is bad for you. Everything our parents said was good is bad. Sun, milk, red meat… college.” 

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